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Dental Software Within The Field Of Dentistry

Dental Software Within The Field Of Dentistry

Umbie Dental Care

One of the most critical components necessary for a successful dental practice is that of optimization and efficiency within a client’s personal information. Without proper software implementation that tracks, records and updates healthcare professionals about their patients, a practice will fall apart at the seams. A software solution that aims to address this issue–Umbie DentalCare–helps dentists not only keep track of their clients data, but do so in an organized, straightforward and unique way.

The cloud-based system helps dentists stay connected and in-tune with all of the pertinent details pertaining to their client base. Similarly, Umbie uses a drag-and-drop organizer in order to remove clutter and disorganization with patient visits, time management, and other operational errors that can lead to lost revenue.

Moreover, the software system aides dentists with their procedure by providing an in-depth breakdown of each tooth within a patient’s mouth in clear detail. This allows the doctor-patient communication to have a visual reference point in order to show the available treatment options and methods moving into the future. This can also be used as a transitional point to emphasize the importance of certain dental practices, like flossing, to the patient. The dentist can then provide a list of recommendations of flossing tools and techniques that can be used to thwart off ailments in the future.

An image setting also provides an even closer look at the teeth in question in full, high definition detail. These images can be shown within the operation rooms in order to provide answers to patient queries and concerns about their particular needs. These images can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available through cloud technologies and connectivity. Rather you’re on the go, or you’re sitting in the lobby of your office, Umbie DentalCare allows access to your files, images and x-ray contents.


Although dental hygiene practices have become more prevalent in recent years, statistics have shown that 8.52% of adults aged 20 to 64 still suffer from Periodontal (Gum) Disease. Similarly, the American Academy of Periodontology reports that upwards of 27% of dentists’ clients lie about how often they floss their teeth to remove plague and buildup.

A software company that aims to lower these statistics, MouthWatch, provides a suite of tools and creative solutions for dentists across the globe. One of their tools, the Intraoral Camera, provides healthcare professionals with crisp, high definition images of their patients’ mouth and gums at an affordable price point. The device comes equipped with license-free software that aide in providing the best insight into a patient’s mouth in order to address common issues. The camera also comes packed with a 1-year warranty that ensures dentists have a quality product despite what may happen within their offices.

These cameras use a USB system that provide an easy and straightforward usage right out of the packaging. There are no complicated software installations, troubleshooting, or other technicalities that hold you back from addressing your client’s needs.

ExamTab, another software solution that MouthWatch provides, creates a unique experience that allows patients to see their teeth for themselves and understand the issues that the dentist may have. The HD video and image presentation showcases problem areas, cavities, tartar, buildup and other issues in real time. The 8″ and 10.1″ display screen moves seamlessly in order for the patient to follow the camera while the dentist performs the inspection.

This streaming of video and image data allows you to communicate dental issues within the client with visual proof and clarity. No longer will the patient need to trust your words, they can see the evidence for themselves on the screen.

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