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Five Helpful Technological Gadgets for a Better Night’s Sleep

Five Helpful Technological Gadgets for a Better Night’s Sleep

We all need it, but all too many of us don’t get to enjoy the full benefits of a restful night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation’s 2011 Sleep in America poll indicated that one of the biggest hindrances to achieving the full recommended seven hours of restful sleep at night is technology. For instance, if you sleep with the television on, it can be disruptive.

Instead of allowing technology to take away your precious sleeping hours, you can use it to your advantage. There are a number of exciting products on the market produced to encourage sleep, and these five are certainly worth considering whether or not you suffer from insomnia.


1. Cooling Mattress Pad

cooling-matress-padThe proper control of both body and brain temperature is important during sleep. While the brain temperature increases, your body temperature lowers according to Sleepdex. In order to prepare the body for the cool down, a cooling mattress pad can do the trick. There are many from which to choose to ensure you find the one that best suits your unique needs.



2. Silent Alarm Clock

You likely rely heavily on your alarm clock. However, it’s incessant glow can do more harm than good throughout the night. This is because illumination in the room, no matter how dim, is disruptive to the achievement of optimal rest. Furthermore, the sudden jolt you get when your clock radio begins blaring in your ear is disturbing.

silent-alarmSilent alarm clocks are available that vibrate to wake you up, a method that’s been shown to be quite effective. They come in wristband form and don’t cast a glow through the night. Best of all, the app tracks valuable data including:

  • Micro-movements during the night
  • How long it took you to fall asleep
  • Quality of sleep
  • Number of times sleep was disrupted during the night

3. Pink Noise

pink-noise-app-2Many report that hearing white noise in the background can help lull them to sleep. If this describes you, you may want to consider a softer variant. Pink noise induces a motion sensation in your brain similar to a baby being rocked gently to sleep. There are apps available to offer you access to pink noise using your mobile device to help you doze off easily.



4. Sound Conditioners

white-noise-machineThe National Sleep Foundation reports that even noises ranging between 45 and 70 decibels can make it hard to fall asleep. While you can turn off the television, shut your doors and windows and use earmuffs, there still seems to be those little sounds that you just can’t get rid of. Whether a dripping faucet is bugging you at night or a loud stereo being blasted by inconsiderate neighbors, sound conditioners can prove to be well worth the investment. Using white noise, these devices are able to muffle a large percentage of these distractions.


5. Power of Knowledge

smart-watchSleep studies have allowed us to better understand our slumber. However, unless you’ve been a test subject, you have no way of knowing how your sleep patterns measure up. Now you can with new technology such as smartwatches. Using these devices, you can measure quality data including:

  • Amount of light versus heavy sleep you get
  • Overall quality of sleep
  • Sweat temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Skin electricity

Achieving the Sleep You Deserve

You only have one life to live, and, in order to make the most of it, it’s crucial that you’re able to get enough sleep. Failure to do so can lead to a number of health problems including:

  1. Cardiovascular problems
  2. Nervous system disorders
  3. Immune deficiencies

A restful night’s sleep could be closer than you realize. By considering these three helpful technological gadgets, you could be making an investment that will pay back substantially. The power is in your hands.

Dental Software Within The Field Of Dentistry

Dental Software Within The Field Of Dentistry

Umbie Dental Care

One of the most critical components necessary for a successful dental practice is that of optimization and efficiency within a client’s personal information. Without proper software implementation that tracks, records and updates healthcare professionals about their patients, a practice will fall apart at the seams. A software solution that aims to address this issue–Umbie DentalCare–helps dentists not only keep track of their clients data, but do so in an organized, straightforward and unique way.

The cloud-based system helps dentists stay connected and in-tune with all of the pertinent details pertaining to their client base. Similarly, Umbie uses a drag-and-drop organizer in order to remove clutter and disorganization with patient visits, time management, and other operational errors that can lead to lost revenue.

Moreover, the software system aides dentists with their procedure by providing an in-depth breakdown of each tooth within a patient’s mouth in clear detail. This allows the doctor-patient communication to have a visual reference point in order to show the available treatment options and methods moving into the future. This can also be used as a transitional point to emphasize the importance of certain dental practices, like flossing, to the patient. The dentist can then provide a list of recommendations of flossing tools and techniques that can be used to thwart off ailments in the future.

An image setting also provides an even closer look at the teeth in question in full, high definition detail. These images can be shown within the operation rooms in order to provide answers to patient queries and concerns about their particular needs. These images can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available through cloud technologies and connectivity. Rather you’re on the go, or you’re sitting in the lobby of your office, Umbie DentalCare allows access to your files, images and x-ray contents.


Although dental hygiene practices have become more prevalent in recent years, statistics have shown that 8.52% of adults aged 20 to 64 still suffer from Periodontal (Gum) Disease. Similarly, the American Academy of Periodontology reports that upwards of 27% of dentists’ clients lie about how often they floss their teeth to remove plague and buildup.

A software company that aims to lower these statistics, MouthWatch, provides a suite of tools and creative solutions for dentists across the globe. One of their tools, the Intraoral Camera, provides healthcare professionals with crisp, high definition images of their patients’ mouth and gums at an affordable price point. The device comes equipped with license-free software that aide in providing the best insight into a patient’s mouth in order to address common issues. The camera also comes packed with a 1-year warranty that ensures dentists have a quality product despite what may happen within their offices.

These cameras use a USB system that provide an easy and straightforward usage right out of the packaging. There are no complicated software installations, troubleshooting, or other technicalities that hold you back from addressing your client’s needs.

ExamTab, another software solution that MouthWatch provides, creates a unique experience that allows patients to see their teeth for themselves and understand the issues that the dentist may have. The HD video and image presentation showcases problem areas, cavities, tartar, buildup and other issues in real time. The 8″ and 10.1″ display screen moves seamlessly in order for the patient to follow the camera while the dentist performs the inspection.

This streaming of video and image data allows you to communicate dental issues within the client with visual proof and clarity. No longer will the patient need to trust your words, they can see the evidence for themselves on the screen.

Successful Marketing

Successful Marketing

Marketing and advertisingMarketing can be defined as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”.  Have you ever thought that you would be an ideal candidate for such a career or hobby? If so, you should know exactly what it is, what it takes to be successful in marketing and what kind of strategies you can use to be successful.

Make A Plan

Before you put any of your money into anything, you need to have a marketing plan. If you think that you may be getting a great deal on advertising, but it doesn’t fit your objectives, then you are just wasting your money. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Only 14% of small businesses have an annual business plan in writing, and 60% have no plan on paper at all”. This is good for you because if you take the time to create a marketing plan, you will be far ahead of your competition.

First, conduct an overall assessment of your current materials, You should look at what is working and what isn’t. Determine how effective your efforts have been and what kind of results you received.

Second, set your goals. Without a goal, you can’t measure your success. You need to have a plan that is going to show a return on your investment but also be flexible enough to evolve.

Third, in order for your plan to work, you need to determine your target audience. You need to know who your audience is in order to reach them the best.

Fourth, research is the backbone in how you determine and improve your strategy. Without research, you could end up missing something which could lead to missed opportunities and sales.

Fifth, determine your strategy. This strategy will show how a particular product or service will be promoted to your targeted audience.

Sixth, define your tactics, budget and resources.Taking this step means that you are ready to take the plan to the next level. You will then be able to determine the appropriate tactics to use in order to meet your goals.

Seventh, evaluate your plan. Since you have spent a lot of time creating your plan, you need to include ways to figure out if it is working and then you need to give your plan time to work.

Get Your Ducks In A Row

Before you start anything, you should consider your audience, demographics, and psychographics. It is important to know who you sell your product to, but it is also important to know what their hobbies are, charities, politics, etc. It is also important to not try to be an expert at everything. Those who are small-business people tend to be self-sufficient, but taking it too far won’t help. If there is an outsource task and project that is is outside of your comfort range, they are too time consuming and should just be left behind.

Know Who To Cut Off

Sometimes it is best for you to cut out those who do not fit. If you have a customer who does not fit your business, cut them off and refocus your energy on those who are a better fit. It is also important to know that getting a new customer is five times more expensive keeping a current one. Use your current customers to attract new referral business.

In closing, in order to successfully market your business or product, follow those few simple guidelines. Also, don’t abandon your marketing and advertising too soon, don’t be rushed into making decisions, select a media mix for success, and most importantly, mistakes can be your friend.

The Software Behind Salt-Based Water Softening Systems

There are countless systems that help you to soften hard water on the market but only salt-based softeners stand out – becauseWS SCIENCE the technique used is very effective (and unlike other methods that are only good with adverts) salt-based technologies will never fail to impress you.


This article will illustrate why you should not think twice on salt-based methods.

Obviously, the primary goal of a softener is to eliminate negative (hard) effects in water by counter attacking molecular groupings of calcium or magnesium. Even though the water is beneficial, it has its share of demerits that are not worth waiting for. Hard water has effects on hair, skin, pipes and clothing, which make it worth to spend on any softener techniques.

If you are interested in cutting down soap or detergent expenses by half, you need a salt-based water softener. Remember, the chemical components of soap are geared towards optimum results in hard water. That, however, is not necessary after you use a softener and you should also know that soft water results to great skin and hair.

Basically, calcium and magnesium ions cause hardness in water hence ion exchange is one great way of stopping that. This is not difficult because there are caution exchange devices that will make sure the ions do not get attracted together at all. Brine (with dissolved sodium ions) is used to stop the process of water hardening. Technology now allows for home appliances in your water system to calculate and release just the right amount to stop water from hardening. This is great news especially since there is no risk of excess chemicals in the water system.

Software that ensures the release of sodium ion utilizes technologies that also work by reversing the process, which makes the water hard in the first place. Values such as recharge time, amount of water into your water system, amount of magnesium and or calcium ions are calculated and used to make the counter attack decisions. This means at no time you will suffer the consequences of hard water in your home or workplace.

Salt-based water softening methods have great advantages such as elimination of water spotting and scaling within the pipes. In addition to this, unlike non-software enhancing salt softener techniques, the water remains safe for normal use by humans. Furthermore, the water also has no harm to vegetation hence it can be used for watering purposes in the garden and lawn.

The best water softeners are sometime hard to find so to maximize your chances read a few water softener reviews online (try this resource) or ask for advice from your local plumbing company. It’s important to know that water softeners are necessary not only for good health purposes but also in order to save you from unexpected bill of changing your pipes due to scale build-up and blockages.

Soda Blasting: A New Technology for Combating Mold Growth

Soda Blasting: A New Technology for Combating Mold Growth

Household mold is a nuisance that is both expensive and tricky to completely get rid of – you can’t leave it growing in the house either after discovery, since it can pose a serious hazard to the health of the home’s inhabitants. Recent years have seen a boom in the mold removal industry, with companies competing with each other in bringing the most cost effective, efficient removal technology to the clientele. Abrasive blasting is one such technique which is becoming increasingly popular, owing to its effectiveness and reliability.

Conventional processes for getting rid of mold are notorious for being time consuming and hard, requiring large amounts of manual sanding and scrubbing. A new technique known as abrasive blasting is gaining traction and might soon replace the older methods since it is faster, easier and much more effective in taking care of mold infestations. This process involves finishing/cleaning objects using a centrifugal wheel or a blast of air to pelt abrasive particles on their surface at a high velocity. Corncobs, sand and dry ice are all possible candidates to be used as these tiny particles. Mold remediation, in particular, employs baking soda, as well as dry ice, for abrasive blasting.

Advantages of abrasive blasting

Also known as ‘media’ blasting, this technique has some unique advantages over conventional mold removal methods. Besides doing away with most of the tiring manual work required in scrubbing / sanding, this newer technique shows its usefulness in dealing with mold growing on hard to access / irregular surfaces. For instance, surfaces which have bridging or cross bracing can be decontaminated with greater ease. Hard to reach places like crawlspaces and attics are also easier to clean using this method in contrast to conventional techniques. You also benefit from the lesser time required to do the remediation – meaning you can be back to the house much quicker than in the case of conventional remediation.

Soda blasting

This type of abrasive blasting uses baking soda i.e. sodium bicarbonate, blasted using pressurized air, to target mold growth on surfaces. Arguably its most famous use was in the Statue of Liberty’s restoration which took places from 1982 to 1986, under the orders of President Reagan. The sodium bicarbonate crystals used as medium in the blasting process are made in modern facilities and have the shape of microscopic knives; they are soft, yet angular. The baking soda is soluble in water and results in a neutral pH i.e. (you don’t have to worry about acidity or alkalinity on the surfaces). It is great for removing mold without damaging the surface underneath e.g. PVC, ductwork, modern wiring, wood, and so on. When applied using the correct equipment and methodology, it results in swift, efficient mold removal with little waste, clean-up and damage.

When using soda blasting, it is important to use a nozzle of the correct size, for it will minimize the quantity of baking soda required. Lesser the amount of medium used, greater the visibility you will have during the process and lesser the amount of clean-up needed after the process.

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