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Dental Software Within The Field Of Dentistry

Dental Software Within The Field Of Dentistry

Umbie Dental Care

One of the most critical components necessary for a successful dental practice is that of optimization and efficiency within a client’s personal information. Without proper software implementation that tracks, records and updates healthcare professionals about their patients, a practice will fall apart at the seams. A software solution that aims to address this issue–Umbie DentalCare–helps dentists not only keep track of their clients data, but do so in an organized, straightforward and unique way.

The cloud-based system helps dentists stay connected and in-tune with all of the pertinent details pertaining to their client base. Similarly, Umbie uses a drag-and-drop organizer in order to remove clutter and disorganization with patient visits, time management, and other operational errors that can lead to lost revenue.

Moreover, the software system aides dentists with their procedure by providing an in-depth breakdown of each tooth within a patient’s mouth in clear detail. This allows the doctor-patient communication to have a visual reference point in order to show the available treatment options and methods moving into the future. This can also be used as a transitional point to emphasize the importance of certain dental practices, like flossing, to the patient. The dentist can then provide a list of recommendations of flossing tools and techniques that can be used to thwart off ailments in the future.

An image setting also provides an even closer look at the teeth in question in full, high definition detail. These images can be shown within the operation rooms in order to provide answers to patient queries and concerns about their particular needs. These images can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available through cloud technologies and connectivity. Rather you’re on the go, or you’re sitting in the lobby of your office, Umbie DentalCare allows access to your files, images and x-ray contents.


Although dental hygiene practices have become more prevalent in recent years, statistics have shown that 8.52% of adults aged 20 to 64 still suffer from Periodontal (Gum) Disease. Similarly, the American Academy of Periodontology reports that upwards of 27% of dentists’ clients lie about how often they floss their teeth to remove plague and buildup.

A software company that aims to lower these statistics, MouthWatch, provides a suite of tools and creative solutions for dentists across the globe. One of their tools, the Intraoral Camera, provides healthcare professionals with crisp, high definition images of their patients’ mouth and gums at an affordable price point. The device comes equipped with license-free software that aide in providing the best insight into a patient’s mouth in order to address common issues. The camera also comes packed with a 1-year warranty that ensures dentists have a quality product despite what may happen within their offices.

These cameras use a USB system that provide an easy and straightforward usage right out of the packaging. There are no complicated software installations, troubleshooting, or other technicalities that hold you back from addressing your client’s needs.

ExamTab, another software solution that MouthWatch provides, creates a unique experience that allows patients to see their teeth for themselves and understand the issues that the dentist may have. The HD video and image presentation showcases problem areas, cavities, tartar, buildup and other issues in real time. The 8″ and 10.1″ display screen moves seamlessly in order for the patient to follow the camera while the dentist performs the inspection.

This streaming of video and image data allows you to communicate dental issues within the client with visual proof and clarity. No longer will the patient need to trust your words, they can see the evidence for themselves on the screen.

Property Investors: 5 Home Loan Apps You Can’t Live Without

Home loan apps essentials

These days, looking for a new home to invest in has never been easier. With the advent of the Internet and apps and mobile devices, you can now search for home listings, compute mortgage costs, explore businesses and attractions near prospects, and translate real estate terminology all without leaving your home.
When it comes to looking for a home, the future is indeed here. Here are 5 apps built to help you find a home. Coupled with a mortgage broker, your search has never been simpler.

1. Multiple Listing Service Apps

Apps like Realtor, Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow are designed to help you scour through local multiple listing services (MLS) to find properties for sale. Home searchers can filter their search by city, state, or zip code, and see listings filtered by price, number of bedrooms, number of baths, size (square feet and lot), age of the property, features, and more.

Many mortgage brokers and real estate agents tend to recommend the app, mainly because the site boasts of the most accurate and updated database of property listings sourced from over 800 MLSs.

2. Homesnap

Available on both iOS and Android, Homesnap is a free MLS app that boasts of one key feature: it let’s you Snap a picture of any home you see in the country to get property details, such as property values, date of last sale, number of bedrooms and baths, lot size, taxes, and more. If the home you just snapped a photo of is on the market, you also get a number of interior photos.

If you want to buy a property or sell yours, you can use the app to contact a real estate agent for a showing, or conversely, add your home to the listings.

3. Trulia’s Mortgage Calculator

If you’re like most people looking to invest in property or a home, you probably need a mortgage to get started. Apps like the Trulia Mortgage Calculator, available on both iOS and Android, allow you to compute the property value you can afford, your monthly payments, and even go through property rates in real-time.

You can also get a side-by-side comparison of loan rates from different lenders, as well as lender reviews and ratings. The app also allows you to contact lenders directly from your smartphone to inquire more about loan quotes and other details. And finally, these apps come with refinancing calculators to help you compute how much you can save on a monthly basis (or in total) by refinancing your loan.

4. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

If you’re looking for property on your own, you might be intimidated by all the terms you hear being thrown around in the real estate industry. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms is a handy app available on iOS that gives you a crash course on over 3,000 real estate terms, helping you understand just what your agent or mortgage broker mean when they’re talking about easements, encumbrances, joint and several liability, and more.

5. AroundMe

The AroundMe app automatically determines your location and brings up a list of all nearby establishments and attractions, sorted by distance to your location. Why would you need this, you ask? Think about those times when you’ve had to look for a home in a city, state, or province you’re unfamiliar with. Knowing where the nearest ATM, bar, café, hospital, and gas station can help you assess the value of the property you’re eyeing.

Software and Air Mattresses

Software and Air Mattresses

If you’re a software junkie and like to do research about software or just like to read about anything that has to do with software, you are going to want to check out our blog here at On this website, right now you will be able to read about the beginning of HTML, which tells us that HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, was written and developed by a man by the name of Tim Berners-Lee. HTML is essentially the language of a computer. There is also an article about a software lawsuit that involves software patent litigation and patent infringement.

Not into the legal matters of software, no problem. Our website also has an pretty neat article about the software behind salt-based water softening systems. This system eliminates the effects of hard water by counter attacking the molecular groupings of calcium and magnesium. This water softener, run by a sophisticated software program, will cut down on soap or detergent expenses by half and won’t make your skin as dry. These are just a few examples of what is on the website. You will also find articles about the technology for combating mold growth, advice for those who want to go to school online for gunsmithing, making money as a software developer and much more.


Software plays a roll in every day life. Believe it or not, a sleep pattern test was performed on different sleeping surfaces. The software showed that sleeping on the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress offered a better nights sleep. It was shown that because the person was sleeping on an air mattress filled with air that distributed their weight, they were able to get more comfortable rather than sleeping on a bed with springs that were poking into their back. If this peaks your interest, check out to take a look at this amazing air mattress. Not all air mattresses are alike, so when you are choosing your new air mattress, check out all of the reviews, prices and features. Some of these mattresses blow themselves up, look like real beds, are low to the ground or very high off of the ground. They all come with their own price tags depending on the quality and the features. The better the air mattress, the more it will most likely cost you. If you want a good nights sleep every night, it will be more than worth it to spend a higher amount on something that will help you sleep through the entire night.

Software is everywhere, in the air mattresses that blow themselves up, appliances, computers and so much more. If you are interested in working with software or building a website with software, check out You will be able to create all kinds of things with their provided software. Their main focus is a layout maker where you can work with draggable elements, viewport slider and much more. This kind of software will add flare to your new or existing website.

The Software Behind Salt-Based Water Softening Systems

There are countless systems that help you to soften hard water on the market but only salt-based softeners stand out – becauseWS SCIENCE the technique used is very effective (and unlike other methods that are only good with adverts) salt-based technologies will never fail to impress you.


This article will illustrate why you should not think twice on salt-based methods.

Obviously, the primary goal of a softener is to eliminate negative (hard) effects in water by counter attacking molecular groupings of calcium or magnesium. Even though the water is beneficial, it has its share of demerits that are not worth waiting for. Hard water has effects on hair, skin, pipes and clothing, which make it worth to spend on any softener techniques.

If you are interested in cutting down soap or detergent expenses by half, you need a salt-based water softener. Remember, the chemical components of soap are geared towards optimum results in hard water. That, however, is not necessary after you use a softener and you should also know that soft water results to great skin and hair.

Basically, calcium and magnesium ions cause hardness in water hence ion exchange is one great way of stopping that. This is not difficult because there are caution exchange devices that will make sure the ions do not get attracted together at all. Brine (with dissolved sodium ions) is used to stop the process of water hardening. Technology now allows for home appliances in your water system to calculate and release just the right amount to stop water from hardening. This is great news especially since there is no risk of excess chemicals in the water system.

Software that ensures the release of sodium ion utilizes technologies that also work by reversing the process, which makes the water hard in the first place. Values such as recharge time, amount of water into your water system, amount of magnesium and or calcium ions are calculated and used to make the counter attack decisions. This means at no time you will suffer the consequences of hard water in your home or workplace.

Salt-based water softening methods have great advantages such as elimination of water spotting and scaling within the pipes. In addition to this, unlike non-software enhancing salt softener techniques, the water remains safe for normal use by humans. Furthermore, the water also has no harm to vegetation hence it can be used for watering purposes in the garden and lawn.

The best water softeners are sometime hard to find so to maximize your chances read a few water softener reviews online (try this resource) or ask for advice from your local plumbing company. It’s important to know that water softeners are necessary not only for good health purposes but also in order to save you from unexpected bill of changing your pipes due to scale build-up and blockages.

How to Make Money Online as a Software Developer

How to Make Money Online as a Software Developer

Ask anyone who’s made any type of real money online how easy it is to earn a living from software, and you’ll hear all sorts of answers from all sorts of experiences. On one end of the spectrum, people will claim it’s as simple as coding a program and then uploading it to a few popular software libraries. On the other end, people say it’s next to impossible and that the market is already saturated.

One thing is clear no matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, and that is making money online as a software developer is definitely doable. Success depends on a number of things ranging from the software’s quality and timeliness to networking opportunities and sufficient funding. Here are a few recommendations that can help anyone at any stage of promotion.

Follow Traditional Methods

Just because a strategy is tried and true, it doesn’t mean it’s no longer applicable. So devote a week to uploading your software to each significant online software library. You’ll want to keep a database of the sites that accept your submission so that you can visit them later and record the number of downloads that your software receives. That’s important for establishing a download-to-sales conversion ratio.

You’ll also want to check out the promotional opportunities at these sites since many of them offer low-cost alternatives to AdWords and other similar advertising institutions.

Sell the Software with Different Capabilities

One question that developers always ask is, “How should I price my software?” They fear a low price will make their software look cheap and unworthy, while a high price won’t be affordable and cut out a significant portion of the market. That’s why some developers offer a single software product in differentiated versions.

A version containing the minimum amount of features, for example, is typically priced very low, while a version with the maximum amount of features is priced high. Between those two versions is a version containing an average number of features, and it’s priced somewhere between the low-feature version and the high-feature version.

Each version may even have its own label such as “Bronze” for the minimal version, “Gold” for the extensive version, and “Silver” for the version between those two. The idea here is to create a product that customers from every economic level can buy.

Sell Explicit Functions While Keeping the Main Program Free

You’ll see this strategy commonly applied to open source software, where the main software product is freely available and its add-ons are sold individually. Through this strategy, you can gain a huge audience with the freebie and then make an income with additional functions and/or features appended as external plug-ins or data-packs.

You can even charge for support. Support isn’t an add-on or plug-in, however, it is an external component of software that can generate income via documentation in either electronic or book format, phone consultation, and more.

Make it a Web-Enabled, Subscription-Based Product

If you’re familiar with SaaS, or Software as a Service, then you’re familiar with subscription-based software. Subscription-based software charges for access to certain features or data. Microsoft’s latest Office software, Office 360, is an example, although access is granted to the entire suite rather than specific parts of the suite.

One major factor underlying SaaS’s success is its platform. SaaS is web-based software, ultimately granting any device that accesses the web the same access to its core functions. This access is important because it widens the market while other types of software are exclusive to the platforms they were built for (Windows, Mac, iPad, etc.) According to a Gartner Group estimate, SaaS sales reached into the billions just four years ago, so this isn’t a strategy to dismiss.


If you’re struggling with selling software online, then maybe one of the strategies above will help. Making money online can be hard no matter what you’re selling, however, if you take the time to devise a plan as diligently as you wrote your software, you’re sure to enjoy financial successful sooner or later.

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