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How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

If you are strapped for cash and are looking to work from home or just earn some extra money without actually getting a job, there are many ways to make money online. Some people may think it is the easiest thing in the world, but it really isn’t. There are a lot of different places to make money online, but sometimes, these places are not real and offer false promises. Here are 5 real ways to make real money online.

Pitch Products Online

Pitching someone else’s product online is one of the highest paying gigs on the internet. If you want to get in on this, you need to become an affiliate for a mega-site such as The commissions for this can be as high as 25 percent. If someone buys a product that you are pitching, you earn a cut of the profit. If you choose to work for ClickBank, the commissions can be up to a whopping 75 percent with more than 50,000 products to choose from to pitch.

Giving Answers

If you are the type of person who has an answer for everything, this is the gig for you. At websites such as, you can become an expert after taking a simple test. A customer then asks a question and they get answers from you, the “expert”. If you are a brainiac, you can head over to ChaCha which will pay you a small amount of money for completing guide tasks. These tasks vary from solving puzzles to answering questions on a set subject. The payout may be small, but it is steady.

Perform A Microgig

A microgig is a way you can offer your services online at task marketplaces. At certain places such as, workers complete tasks starting at $5 per job. If you head over to websites such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can earn even more since there are over 200,000 tasks that are listed or money making. These tasks vary in profit and work load. Once the task is completed, the payments are placed in your Amazon account.

Prediction Making

If you are good at making predictions, such as election results or the price of gold, this is the gig for you. The Chicago Board Options Exchange, introduced in 2008, created binary options, which are financial contracts that allow you to earn money by making predictions about the rise or fall of financial assets. You can predict hundreds of events such as election results to Academy Award winners. If your prediction is accurate, you can earn quite a bit of money.

Online Surveys

Online survey taking is very popular. You can earn a few cents to a few dollars for every survey you take. One of the best paying survey sites is This is a website for mock juries and you are paid $5-$10 per verdict. Other websites, such as offer points and rewards for taking surveys. This isn’t a way to make a whole lot of money, but it is steady.
Making money from online jobs isn’t always easy or legitimate. Taking surveys, being part of a panel, promoting products and being an “expert” are just a few ways that you can earn a few dollars here and there. After a while, it will all add up to something more.

Software & Marketing

Software & Marketing

If you own a business or a website, you know that there is a lot of work that goes into promoting the website, keeping it up and running and more. The internet is a very powerful tool that helps people develop their website. As an entrepreneur, you know that your marketing is a big part of your online business or your website. Even if you are not running a business online, if you have a business in the real world and need to market it, the internet is the best tool to do so with, whether you run your website or not.


The internet is a huge trend and has become increasingly popular in the past two decades. You are able to find all kinds of information that can help you with the marketing aspect of your business. Software is a huge part of your website or online marketing. If you develop everything yourself, you know that you have to deal with HTML, if you are new to all of this, HTML is the language of the internet. HTML stands for HyperText Markup language, and this language describes the content that is on your website. HTML will help you develop your website so that you can help future customers find your business. In order for your marketing techniques to work, you must have your business promote your website. Noone is going to know that you have a website unless they see it from your business.

Email marketing is also great for promoting your business. Email marketing is generally free whereas social media is not. You can use email to tell your customers about upcoming promotions, send them special coupons, let them know what is going on with new products and more. You can send out mass emails and link your email to your website so people can click on the link and they will be brought to your business site. Along with email marketing, there is also the option of ecommerce which involves customers purchasing from your website directly instead of having to go to the store itself. ipad-820272_640

All of this marketing work probably has you all tired out and exhausted. In order to get the best night sleep, shut off your world, including phones, tablets, anything with light and close your eyes in preparation for the morning ahead. If you are staring at a computer screen, your body is going to think that you are suppose to be awake. When you shut everything down, you body will relax and you will drift off in to a great night of sleep and be energized to get back to work.


Software and Air Mattresses

Software and Air Mattresses

If you’re a software junkie and like to do research about software or just like to read about anything that has to do with software, you are going to want to check out our blog here at On this website, right now you will be able to read about the beginning of HTML, which tells us that HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, was written and developed by a man by the name of Tim Berners-Lee. HTML is essentially the language of a computer. There is also an article about a software lawsuit that involves software patent litigation and patent infringement.

Not into the legal matters of software, no problem. Our website also has an pretty neat article about the software behind salt-based water softening systems. This system eliminates the effects of hard water by counter attacking the molecular groupings of calcium and magnesium. This water softener, run by a sophisticated software program, will cut down on soap or detergent expenses by half and won’t make your skin as dry. These are just a few examples of what is on the website. You will also find articles about the technology for combating mold growth, advice for those who want to go to school online for gunsmithing, making money as a software developer and much more.


Software plays a roll in every day life. Believe it or not, a sleep pattern test was performed on different sleeping surfaces. The software showed that sleeping on the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress offered a better nights sleep. It was shown that because the person was sleeping on an air mattress filled with air that distributed their weight, they were able to get more comfortable rather than sleeping on a bed with springs that were poking into their back. If this peaks your interest, check out to take a look at this amazing air mattress. Not all air mattresses are alike, so when you are choosing your new air mattress, check out all of the reviews, prices and features. Some of these mattresses blow themselves up, look like real beds, are low to the ground or very high off of the ground. They all come with their own price tags depending on the quality and the features. The better the air mattress, the more it will most likely cost you. If you want a good nights sleep every night, it will be more than worth it to spend a higher amount on something that will help you sleep through the entire night.

Software is everywhere, in the air mattresses that blow themselves up, appliances, computers and so much more. If you are interested in working with software or building a website with software, check out You will be able to create all kinds of things with their provided software. Their main focus is a layout maker where you can work with draggable elements, viewport slider and much more. This kind of software will add flare to your new or existing website.

The Software Behind Salt-Based Water Softening Systems

There are countless systems that help you to soften hard water on the market but only salt-based softeners stand out – becauseWS SCIENCE the technique used is very effective (and unlike other methods that are only good with adverts) salt-based technologies will never fail to impress you.


This article will illustrate why you should not think twice on salt-based methods.

Obviously, the primary goal of a softener is to eliminate negative (hard) effects in water by counter attacking molecular groupings of calcium or magnesium. Even though the water is beneficial, it has its share of demerits that are not worth waiting for. Hard water has effects on hair, skin, pipes and clothing, which make it worth to spend on any softener techniques.

If you are interested in cutting down soap or detergent expenses by half, you need a salt-based water softener. Remember, the chemical components of soap are geared towards optimum results in hard water. That, however, is not necessary after you use a softener and you should also know that soft water results to great skin and hair.

Basically, calcium and magnesium ions cause hardness in water hence ion exchange is one great way of stopping that. This is not difficult because there are caution exchange devices that will make sure the ions do not get attracted together at all. Brine (with dissolved sodium ions) is used to stop the process of water hardening. Technology now allows for home appliances in your water system to calculate and release just the right amount to stop water from hardening. This is great news especially since there is no risk of excess chemicals in the water system.

Software that ensures the release of sodium ion utilizes technologies that also work by reversing the process, which makes the water hard in the first place. Values such as recharge time, amount of water into your water system, amount of magnesium and or calcium ions are calculated and used to make the counter attack decisions. This means at no time you will suffer the consequences of hard water in your home or workplace.

Salt-based water softening methods have great advantages such as elimination of water spotting and scaling within the pipes. In addition to this, unlike non-software enhancing salt softener techniques, the water remains safe for normal use by humans. Furthermore, the water also has no harm to vegetation hence it can be used for watering purposes in the garden and lawn.

The best water softeners are sometime hard to find so to maximize your chances read a few water softener reviews online (try this resource) or ask for advice from your local plumbing company. It’s important to know that water softeners are necessary not only for good health purposes but also in order to save you from unexpected bill of changing your pipes due to scale build-up and blockages.

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